The Efficiency Scenario in offices achieves savings in final energy consumption of about 86% when compared with the BAU Scenario. In locations with cold winters, HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) achieves savings ratios of 98%. These savings are due to a reduction in the building's demand and to the great efficiency of heat pumps.


The graphs show the final energy consumption structure in Almería and Burgos for both scenarios. In the BAU Scenario the highest final energy consumption corresponds to the province with the highest heating requirement. In the Efficiency Scenario the demand in this province decreases to 17 kWh/m2 -a, even below the warmest province. In an Efficiency Scenario the main energy demand in this type of building comes from its installations, 59% in Almería and 62% in Burgos, followed by the demand for lighting, representing 25% and 26% respectively.